How do I get into the gyms because there are now reserved time slots?

Everyone must register to reserve time slots based on operating hours using the COVID-19 PAC, MC & Taylor/Polk Building Annexes Phase 2 Reservations link available on the PAC Website at: https://pac.whs.mil/.
For questions regarding reservations, please contact your appropriate facility:

  • PAC front desk - 703-614-9998
  • Mark Center Gym - 571-372-5685
  • Taylor/Polk Building Gym - 703-545-1875
What are the operating hours of the PAC and annexes change during HPCON B?

Yes, the PAC and annexes are open and operating hours are modified during HPCON Bravo. Please refer to the Reservation site for the PAC's most up to date business hours.

Are there capacity limits for the PAC and annexes?

Yes, each gym will operate with limited capacity during operational hours.

  • PENTAGON - The PAC will limit maximum occupancy to 150 members plus staff in the facility at one time and will be available for workouts by reservation only. Workouts will be limited to 2 hours to include showering. All members must vacate from the facility as scheduled so cleaning can begin. No exceptions please.
  • MARK CENTER - The Mark Center Gym will remain closed until further notice.
  • TAYLOR BUILDING - The Taylor/Polk Building Gym will remain closed until further notice.
Are towels available?

No, towel service will not be available in any of the facilities. This will ensure there is no exposure to harmful germs and viruses. Ample sanitizing wipes have been placed throughout the facility to ensure that areas can wiped down before and after use.
Note: All members will need to bring his/her own shower/workout towels.

Can I use the North Entrance for access to the PAC and /or Pentagon Building?

North Parking Entrance to the PAC is open for PAC USERS ONLY. The North Parking Entrance is not for entry into the Pentagon Building for non-users of the gym.

What precautions are the PAC and Annexes taking to ensure safety for members?
    • 100% of PAC, MC and Taylor/Polk staff will be screened daily (temperature and questions).
    • Staff will not be allowed to work if they have a fever or have been exposed to someone with COVID 19.
    • Staff must wash hands on arrival at work; after touching their face covering; after using the the bathroom and returning to work.
    • Staff will wear face coverings and practice social distancing when servicing members.
    • Staff will be provided disposable gloves for wearing during their duties, particularly those involved with cleaning. They will change their gloves frequently.
    • Staff will avoid shaking hands, bumping fists or elbows, and other physical contact.
    • Do not visit the gym when you are sick.
    • 100% of members will be screened (temperature and questions). No one will be allowed in the PAC with a fever or providing improper responses to questions.
    • Social distancing guidelines are in place throughout the facility. Maintain at least 10 feet of separation as much as possible in areas that may lead to close contact among other people, such as weight rooms, group fitness studios, pool, courts, walking/running track, locker rooms, check-in areas, and routes of entry and exit.
    • Members should bring their own water bottles.
    • Wash your hands before adjusting your face covering; review CDC information about proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings.
    • Wash your hands often and after touching things that carry germs like doorknobs, touchpads, cell phones, locker handles, and locks. Avoid touching your face.
    • Members should avoid shaking hands, bumping fists or elbows, and other physical contact.
    • Flips-flops and shower shoes are required in the locker room and shower area.
    • Don’t sit on benches without clothes on.
    • Water fountains are not allowed to be used; however, the sensor-water bottle refilling station will be available for use.
    • Group exercise of 10 members or less is permitted and social distancing guidelines must be followed.
    • Equipment sign out (weight belts, bands, etc.) will be discontinued until Phase 3.
    • No circuit training allowed. Members are limited to use one piece of equipment (i.e., dumbbell, free weight, mats, all strength equipment, etc.) at a time. Please wipe equipment after each use.
    • Although free weights will be available, spotting another member during a lift will not be allowed.


Will I be able to change for my workout at my locker?*

Yes, you will be able to access and change at your lockers however, as there are social distancing guidelines in place, you may have to wait to access your locker.

Will I have access to sinks/bathrooms?
  • *Yes, there is access to sinks and bathrooms but limited access. Bathroom stalls are blocked off to ensure social distancing. Sinks are for handwashing only. Customers may not use, razors, brush their teeth or use other personal grooming items in the PAC bathrooms. Please do not put your personal items on the bathroom counters as they could potentially spread the virus.
  • Hairdryers may not be used anywhere in the facility.
  • *NOTE: Due to the tight quarters and difficulty for social distancing in locker rooms and showers, it’s highly recommended for members to avoid use of these areas until normal operations resume.
Can I use the pool?
  • Yes, however, the pool requires reservations and is limited to 30 minutes of usage, during HPCON-Bravo.
  • The pool requires reservations and is limited to 30 minutes.
  • Only one swimmer per lane is allowed.
  • There are three lanes available for swimmers to allow 10ft for social distancing.
  • Showers are located in the pool area and swimmers will be required to shower before and after swimming.
  • Upon receiving your email confirmation, a URL will be provided for you to reserve the pool.


Can I use the spas and cold tubs?

No, the use of spas and cold tubs are not authorized.

In what ways is the PAC supporting the military mission?
  • The PAC supports military mission readiness by offering special hours to active duty military and by continuing to support PT Testing.
  • The PAC permits “Active Duty only” access from the hours of 0515-0730, 0800-1000 and 1100-1330 Mon- Fri.
  • In the Mark and Taylor facilities - To remain closed until further notice


Can PT Testing Take Place?
  • Yes, PT testing is authorized for individuals.
  • In addition, the capacity of the PAC will remain at 150 members so please plan accordingly.
  • Reservations will be required.


For PT I need to use the running track. Are there any projects affecting the track? Are there any guidelines to using the track?
  • Yes, the shoring portion of the girder project has been completed.
  • There is currently shoring equipment placed on the track.
  • It’s located in the middle lane and is in two separate spots.
  • There will only be 10 runners authorized on the track at once reservations are required.


May I schedule personal training or therapy sessions?

Possibly, the PAC team will not be offering personal training during HPCON B however, if you schedule a session with other groups (PFPA, Fit To Win) you will be subject to the same capacity guidelines and unless you have active duty status may not access the facility during those designated hours. Reservations are required.

Can we play basketball, racquetball or other interactive sports?
  • No, during HPCON Bravo no contact or other interactive sports are authorized.
  • This includes combatives and basketball.
  • Racquetball and squash are permitted and require reservations.
  • The courts and are limited to 2 players per court for 45 minutes.
  • Face coverings are mandatory at all times during matches.
  • Members should to maintain 10 ft. of physical distancing on courts.


I ride my bike can I just come in to use the showers?
  • Yes, showers are accessible.
  • Members who ride bikes or run to work will be authorized entry into the PAC during open hours for showers only.
  • The primary shower will be the Daily Locker room adjacent to the pool.
  • Strict social distancing requirements must be adhered in instances when one-way traffic is not possible when entering/exiting


I’m a PFAC Holder. Can I access the PAC to workout?

No, not during HPCON-Bravo. Unfortunately, access for PFAC only holders will not be possible until the PAC moves to HPCON-Alpha.

I’m a PFAC holder and my parking permit and card are about to expire. Can I get this taken care of?

Yes, please call (703) 614-4722 for assistance.

I prefer to run outside. Once I leave the PAC will I have to wait to re-enter the facility?
  • Runners leaving the facility will need to inform the staff member who is counting that you they are leaving the premises.
  • This will be noted and upon returning to the building you will be able go to the front of the line and inform PFPA and the team member that you have returned.
  • *Important note: North Parking Entrance to the PAC is open for PAC USERS ONLY. The North Parking Entrance is not for entry into the Pentagon Building for non-users of the gym.


Are the membership desks opened?
  • Yes, the membership desks are open on a limited schedule.
  • Pentagon: The Main PAC membership desk is open from 0500-1800 Mon-Fri.
  • Mark Center and Taylor Building - closed until further notice.


Can I simply clear out my locker?

Yes. Please contact the PAC at 703-614-9998 top arrange for item retrieval.

Can I sign out a bike?

Bike sign out will be available when the operation phases to HPCON Alpha.

My workout calls for circuit training. May we still do that?
  • To allow for other members to utilize equipment and to avoid the spread of germs from one member, circuit is unauthorized.
  • If you move to another piece of equipment, the piece used prior must be wiped down.