Main Facility


The Pentagon Athletic Center (PAC) provides physical fitness facilities and fellowship for Department of Defense military and civilian employees. We are a non-appropriated fund activity operated by Washington Headquarters Services.

We are located on the Mezzanine level, Corridor 7. Take elevators 73, 74, or 75, or stairway 74, and then follow the signage on the walls. There is also an exterior entrance from the north parking lot.

NOTE: North Parking Entrance to the PAC is open for PAC USERS ONLY. The North Parking Entrance is not for entry into the Pentagon Building for non-users of the gym.

The PAC is open Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 0500-1900 and Tuesday & Thursday 0500-2100.                                      We are opened weekends 0800-1300 and Closed Federal Holidays.

1155 Defense Pentagon
WASHINGTON DC 20310-6606
(703) 614-9998