Facility Updates

Posted: 1/10/2022


HPCON Charlie

Main PAC                                                                                                                                     


Reservations required for PAC and amenities (pool,racquetball/squash/track) 50 members per timed session (150 authorized in the facility at once)

Only Active Duty, PFPA Personnel and First Responders will be authorized to use the PAC
DoD Civilians, Retirees and contractors are not authorized to use the facility

Masks are mandatory in the facility, to include PT, except for swimming and showering                                                         

Equipment spaced 6 ft apart for social distancing
Towel service will be provided                                                             
No services offered (group classes, personal training)
Operating hours will be:
Monday- Friday 0500-1915                                       
Closed for cleaning 0730-0800, 1030-1100, 1330-1400 and 1630-1700

Saturday, Sunday and holidays Closed

Mark Center Annex:
The Mark Center Annex will be closed until further notice

Taylor-Polk Annex:The Taylor-Polk Annex will be closed until further notice         

HPCON Bravo Plus
Posted: 12/6/2021

Dear Members,


Out of an abundance of caution, effective Thursday 9 September, at 0500, the PAC will transition back to HPCON Bravo Plus. Main PAC capacity restrictions will remain at 255 during each two hour session. Mask mandate remains in place throughout the facility except the pool and showers.

Posted: 7/30/2021

Effective Monday, August 2, 2021, at 0500, the Pentagon Reservation will transition to
HPCON Bravo and the following measures will be in effect:

− Use of the Pentagon Athletic Center remains by reservation only and will limit its
maximum workout population and staff members to 255 per 2 ½ hour session;21
maximum occupancy at Mark Center Gym and 15 at Taylor/ Polk Building Gym per 2 ½
hour session; masking will be required regardless of vaccination status;
− COVID-19 vaccinations remain available through DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic

Posted: 7/29/2021


Operations Update Revise
Posted: 7/12/2021

With more people receiving vaccinations and returning to work, as well as, restrictions being lifted in the National Capitol Region, the PAC would like to provide a status on current. Effective Friday 9 July at 0500, the PAC will transition to HPCON Alpha. We were hoping that we might be able to lift capacity restrictions and allow members in without the use of the PAC Registration system, however, the memo received from the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 17), requires us to maintain 6 ft of social distancing for settings where it is prudent for health and safety. Due to this ongoing requirement, PAC capacity restrictions will remain in place (and registration mandatory).


Mask Policy Update May 14th 2021
Posted: 5/14/2021

Dear Valued Members,


      We have received guidance and are happy to announce that we will be lifting mask restrictions in the PAC, Mark Center and Taylor- Polk Annexes effective immediately, however there will still be restrictions for some members:


  • Only members that have been fully vaccinated with the required wait time of two weeks after the last shot will be authorized to remove masks in the gym
  • If you have not been fully vaccinated, then you must wear a mask at all times within the facility with the exceptions of swimming and showering


     Please know that we are still in HPCON Bravo Plus so the following still apply:


  • Reservations will still be required for entry into the facilities
  • Capacity guidelines will remain in place
  • Appropriate Social Distancing


For any additional questions please refer to the updated Building Circular or call the following facility:

PAC front desk      -                  703-614-9998

Mark Center Gym -                   571-372-5685

Taylor/Polk Building Gym -     703-545-1875

Taylor-Polk and Mark Center Locations re-opening May 17th 0500
Posted: 5/12/2021

    We hope that you are remaining safe during these difficult times.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the pandemic together and look forward to the day when we can be back to “normal.”   While the PAC has remained open during the pandemic, due to extremely low traffic the decision was made to close the annexes back in November 2020.  With more people being vaccinated and returning to work, we are happy to announce that the Mark Center and Taylor-Polk Annexes will re-open at 0500 on Monday 17 May, 2021.   

Mask Mandate 2/5/2021
Posted: 2/5/2021

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY; Masks are to be worn throughout the facility in every area. Only exceptions are showers and pool.

January 29th 2021 PAC Weather Alert
Posted: 1/29/2021

Dear Members, with a possible weather event taking place this weekend, we wanted to provide information on PAC operations. We operate under the Inclement Weather Policy set forth by OPM:

- In the event of government closure due to bad weather the PAC will be closed.

- In the event of a delay, the PAC will follow OPM guidelines and open at 0800. Those who have registered for the 0500, 0515 and 0530 session will be unable to access the facility.

Stay safe.

PAC Team

Annex Closure: Effective Thursday December 3rd 2020
Posted: 12/3/2020

Please be advised - effective Thursday December 3rd, the Mark Center and Taylor Polk Gym facilities will be closed until further notice..

Reservation Link for Pentagon Athletic Center and Annexes at the Taylor-Polk and Mark Center
Posted: 9/14/2020

To make a reservation at the Pentagon Athletic Center and the annexes at Mark Center and Taylor-Polk please use the link on the website main page. Follow the instructions given on the reservation site to reserve your time slot at the PAC. The hours of operation during our phased re-opening are as follows; Mon-Fri 0500-1915. Closed weekends and Holidays.

Posted: 7/31/2020

To make a reservation at the Pentagon Athletic Center and the annexes at Mark Center and Taylor-Polk please use the link on the website main page. Follow the instructions given on the reservation site to reserve your time slot at the PAC. The hours of operation during our phased re-opening are as follows; Mon-Fri 0500-1915. Closed weekends and Holidays.

Sink and Countertop Renovation Project
Posted: 7/12/2020

Please excuse the dust and debris as we are in the process of renovating and replacing the sinks and countertops in the locker rooms.
The project will start on 17 July and run through 4 August. Work will take place in the evening and over the weekend. The men's locker room sinks and countertops will be completed in two phases- one bank of sinks at a time. Temporary sinks will be placed in the women's locker room during the project's duration. The women's locker room will be closed the weekend of 22-23 July (members may still access lockers) and women are encouraged to use the family changing room.
We hope this improvement to our facility has a minimal effect on your experience.
Thank you for your patience.
PAC Management

Posted: 3/19/2020

For advice on hand washing and reducing the spread of germs please follow the guidelines given by the CDC

Posted: 3/19/2020

This is a friendly reminder that on Wednesday, January 29th the pool will be closed for 1 hour between 1300 and 1400 for fire pump testing.

The PAC and it's annexes will be closed on Monday, January 20th
Posted: 3/19/2020

The PAC and it's annexes will be closed on Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day.
+ PAC Holiday Hours and Closures.

PAC Inclement Weather Policy
Posted: 3/19/2020

As we head toward the 2018-2019 winter season, the Pentagon Athletic Center (PAC) wants to take this opportunity to remind our membership of the PAC’s operating procedure during inclement weather.
The PAC is committed to providing the highest-level of customer service and satisfaction without compromising the safety of our members and employees. During severe weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies and other incidents which may cause disruptions of operations at the Pentagon and its annexes at the Taylor building and the Mark Center, the PAC’s operating procedure is to comply with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) guidance on dismissal and closure procedures.
* If OPM announces that the Federal Government is closed, the PAC will be closed
* If OPM announces a delayed opening, the PAC will have the same delayed opening.
* If OPM announces that the Federal Government is open, with unscheduled leave authorized for employees, the PAC management will make a determination on whether the facilities will be open, closed, or have a delayed opening.
When the PAC is operating under any of the above conditions, the facilities website, Facebook page, and voicemail message will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the current operating status. The operating status can also be viewed at the below link.
PAC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pentagon-Athletic-Center-PAC-159771330740054/
PAC Phone Voicemail: (703) 614-9998
Thank you for your understanding,
PAC Management

New Opening Hours Starting 2 January 2018
Posted: 3/19/2020

You asked, We listened!
Starting on 2 January 2018, the PAC will now open at 0400 on Monday - Friday. This change is only effective for the PAC. The annexes at the Taylor Building and the Mark Center will continue to open at 0500 as before. We thank you for your patronage and wish you and yours a Happy and Safe Holiday Season! PAC Management

The PAC, Mark Center, and Taylor buildings remain closed until further notice.
Posted: 3/15/2020

Dear Members,

The PAC, Mark Center, and Taylor buildings remain closed until further notice. However, if in any case you need to retrieve items out of your locker, please contact the PAC Membership Desk (703-614-9998) during the hours of 0800 - 1200, Monday - Friday to schedule time to retrieve your belongings. The PAC will be minimal staffed until further notice.

Good News!

Refund #1- Active Duty, DoD Civilians, Contractors (Retired Military) only: On 1 October 2019 the PAC (Mark Center & Taylor Building Annexes) became a free membership facility for All Military Active Duty personnel and DoD Civilians assigned to the Pentagon (Mark Center & Taylor Building Annexes). Therefore you are eligible for a refund that dates back to 1 October 2019. Some of you have already received your refund; however, this notice is to advise those of you who have not received your refund that once the PAC re-opens, please stop by at the Membership Desk and file your refund claim. If you need your refund sooner, please contact the PAC Membership Desk (703-614-9998) during the hours of 0800 - 1200, Monday - Friday. The PAC staff will schedule time to coordinate your refund return.

Refund #2 - During Coronavirus Closure (Contractors): The PAC will rebate the entire March and in worst case scenario the following months as well. Once the PAC is reopens, please stop by the Membership Desk and file your refund claim.

Exercising AT Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you’re staying at home, you still probably want to continue your workout routine. “Focus on the basics such as planks, pushups, squats, leg lifts, or bicycles and burpees for an easy workout that will build strength and get your heart rate up. To build a workout is to do 4 rounds of 5 exercises for 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Choose exercises that target different areas of your body and you’ll have a full-body workout in less than 20 minutes.

For people looking for more guidance during their home exercise, there are plenty of tutorials available online, whether on YouTube or other portals. One such example is the online yoga platform EkhartYoga, which is offering free gentle yoga and meditation classes online to people during the outbreak to help counteract the escalation of stress and anxiety that comes with it.

We thank you all for your patience during these trying times. We will continue to provide updates and look forward to seeing you all again!

v/r PAC Management

The Pentagon Athletic Center in the Pentagon, Mark and Taylor buildings will close
Posted: 3/15/2020

Dear Members,
Out of an abundance of caution, the Pentagon Athletic Center in the Pentagon, Mark and Taylor buildings will close until further notice starting Sunday 15th of March 2020 at midnight.
Again, the PAC, the Mark Center and the Taylor Athletic Centers will not be opened Monday morning as usual and will remain closed until further notice.
We encourage members to continue to ensure physical and mental wellness and to follow COVID-19 guidance from CDC, which can be found at https://www.whs.mil/ or https://www.cdc.gov/
We will keep you posted on any PAC updates.
PAC Management

Strength Training Area Closed
Posted: 10/19/2015

Strength Training Area Closed 19-25 October, 2015, For Equpment Replacement
We have good news! The PAC is about to undergo a major replacement of strength equipment. We will be replacing almost every piece of equipment with the latest Lifefitness has to offer. This means that the strength equipment area will be closed 19 through 25 October. However, the rest of the gym will be open for use. Thank you for your patience as we continue our improvements.

Sealed Bid Auction - Indoor Cycle Bikes
Posted: 7/22/2015

Sealed Bid Auction - Indoor Cycle Bikes - 22 and 23 July, 2015
Have you ever wanted to own your own spin bike? Now is your chance! In order to make room for our brand new high-tech Matrix IC7 bikes, we will be getting rid of our older bikes through a sealed bid auction on 22 and 23 July. We are offering 4 different models: LeMond Revmaster, LeMond Revmaster/Lifefitness, Livestrong E-Series, and Livestrong S-Series. Bidding will be held on the multi-purpose courts. Winning bidder will be notified no later than 28 July. Open to PAC members only. All sales are final. Cash or check (no credit card).

Furlough Impact on PAC Operating Hours
Posted: 7/8/2013

Effective 8 July 2013, the PAC will operate from 0500 to 2000, Monday through Friday, until the end of the furlough period. Weekend and Holiday hours will remain the same, 0800 to 1800. We regret the inconvenience.

PAC Water Infiltration (Leaks) Analysis
Posted: 4/24/2013

The ongoing in-depth analysis will require non-destructive and limited destructive methods to address and resolve continued water infiltration issues in the PAC. The contract is comprised of 20 tasks that have been tailored to achieve desired results. The multi-disciplinary engineering team utilizes the "big picture" approach so that nothing of importance and relevance will get lost or overlooked during this complex research and analytical process.
Temporary measures to control water infiltration inside the PAC will remain in place until permanent solutions have been developed and implemented.

BRAC action
Posted: 8/31/2011

As a result of BRAC actions, the Pentagon Athletic Center Jefferson Plaza I Annex closed permanently on Wednesday, 31 August 2011. The JP Annex opened its doors in August 1999 and served the Department of Defense community in Crystal City. PAC facilities in the Pentagon and Taylor building in Crystal City will remain open. A new PAC Annex in the Mark Center opened on 7 November 2011.
Please direct any questions regarding this closure to the Pentagon Athletic Center Administrative Assistant at 703-614-4722.

New Pac Badge Policy
Posted: 1/1/2011

New PAC badge policy will be in effect on 1 January 2011. For more information, please call 703-614-6529 or email at WHS Pentagon WSO Mailbox PAC Admin (whs.pentagon.wso.mbx.pac-admin@mail.mil)

New Membership Dues
Posted: 2/1/2009

Dues were increased on 1 February 2009.
For more information about our dues please visit our FAQ page.
The entire PAC staff looks forward to providing you the best possible service in 2012!
If you have any questions, please call (703) 692-4857.